Aa Navratri Utsav Ni Jem Aapnu
Jivan Pan Shukho Thi Chhalkae
Jay Eva Mara Aashirvad
Maa Durga Sau Nu Bhalu Kare..

Navrati Parv Ni Aapne Dhero Shubh-Kamnao.

Kesariyo rang rane laagyo lyaa garba
kesariyo rang tane laagyo re lol

Happy Garga !!! Happy Navratri

Aapi shako to aapni dosti magu chu,
dil thi dil no sahkar magu chu,
fikar na karo dosti per jaan lutavi dais,
rokdo vyavhar che kya, udhar mangu chu…

Durga Mata Ne Vinti Karu Chhu Ke
Aapna Jivan Ma Sukh-Santi Chhalkavi Deh.
Aapni Darek Echhaoh Jaldi Thi Purn Kari De.
Navrati Parv Ni Aapne Dhero Shubh-Kamnao.

Aakha Vishw Ni Raksha Kare Chhe Maa,
Mann Ni Santi Aape Chhe Maa,
Amari Bhakti Ne Sambhle Chhe Maa,
Amara Badha Ni Raksha Kare Chhe Maa..
Happy Navaraatri

Sudhari Leva Jevi Chhe Potani Bhul

Bhuli Java Devi Chhe Bijanu Bhul

Aatlu Manvi Kare Kabul

To Har Roj Dil Ma Uge Sukh Na Phool

Happy Navratri


Happy Durga Puja Wishes, SMS, Messages

Happy Durga Puja Wishes, SMS, Messages – Hello Friends, Durga Puja or Happy Navratri is one of the greatest festival of Hindus. Here i am sharing Happy Durga Puja Wishes, Durga Puja SMS, Durga Puja Messages for you.Just copy and wish your friends and relatives through whatsapp & facebook.

Happy Durga Puja Wishes, SMS, Messages

My love, you have forever been there for me,
In good times or bad times to always add a glee.
As the joy and festivity fills up the air,
All I wish is this that Maa blesses our pair.
I do not have words to thank you for your presence,
The rhythm of the ‘dhak’ looses meaning in your absence.
Wishing you a joyous Durga Puja

I woke up this morning
And felt the fresh morning breeze,
The festivity in the air
Filled my heart with joy to degrees.
I want to wear my festive clothes
And hang around with friends,
I want to have a good time
And enjoy till the day ends.
Maa Durga is here to add joy to our day
She is there to bless us in every single way.

May the festive season brightens your day and night,
May it adds color and make your life more bright.
May it amply removes all worries from your life,
And gives you the strength to face every strife.
May it bless your life with lots of joy and health,
May it further enrich you with lots of peace and wealth.
Happy Durga Puja

Good health, success, happiness and prosperity,
Joy, peace, love and lots of popularity.
These are my wishes for you this festive season,
For all my joy and happiness you are the only reason.
Happy Durga Puja

May Maa Durga strengthens you
To fight all evils,
May she gives you the courage
To face all upheavals.
May Maa Durga fulfills
Every dream you desire,
May she fulfills them
And takes you higher and higher.
May she empowers you with
Name, fame and health,
May she bless your life
With lots of riches and wealth.

Its the time of the year
To get together with family,
Its the time of the year
To smile happily.
Its the time of the year
When Maa Durga is there to bless,
Our homes and lives in excess.
Sending warm wishes on Durga Puja

May Maa Durga EMPOWER u
with her 9 BLESSINGS of
Name, Fame,
Health, Wealth,
Happiness, Humanity,
Gyaan, Bhakti
& Shakti!

Happy Valentine’s Day 14th Feb 2019 Lovely HD Wallpapers and Images

Valentine Week List has collected the various Valentine Mashup for you. Vanlentine week and day is round the corner and all lovers and couples are looking for some thing to freshen up their mind and souls. The songs that can tickle your hearts. so check it out guys the best romantic mashup for you and your loved ones. Please note that these are only lovely videos it is not Valentine Mashup Mp3. You can not download Valentine Mashup Mp3 from Valentine Week List website.

Valentine Mashup 2019

Happy Valentine’s Day 14th Feb 2019 Lovely HD Wallpapers and Images

The day of Romance is known as Valentine’s Day, which is a special and lovely day for all lovers. This day is celebrated by lovers on 14th February of every year. On this day gifts and cards are shared by lovers. Inbox of mails and mobiles can be seen with full of messages and Wallpapers of this lovely day.So HERE we are providing Lovely HD Wallpapers and Images for PC, android, tablets, mobile phones and Whatsapp etc. 

Valentines Day Full Week Calender 2019 Rose Day, Propose Day, Hug Day, Kiss Day 

on Valentine’s Day 2016 which are given below-Happy Valentine’s Day (14th February 2019) Lovely HD Wallpapers and Images HD Pictures HD Images and Pics HD Photos HD Pics Facebook Timeline, Twitter and Google+ covers Posters Wallpapers with SMS.

Happy Valentine's Day Lovely HD Wallpapers and Images love heart

Happy Valentine's Day Lovely HD Wallpapers and Images couple

Happy Valentine's Day Lovely HD Wallpapers and Images cute boy and girl

Happy Valentine's Day Lovely HD Wallpapers and Images hearts

Happy Valentine's Day Lovely HD Wallpapers and Images love you heart

Happy Valentine's Day Lovely HD Wallpapers and Images love wall

Romantic Mashup Full Video Song

Valentine Mashup – Bollywood Non stop Love Song – DJ Milan

Romantic Mashup (House) 21 Tracks Mixed Beautifully By DJ CHeats

Happy Valentine’s Day Love Messages for BF & GF

Happy Valentine’s Day Love Messages for BF & GF

Valentines Day the most Romantic Day of the year for every Boyfriend and Girlfriend. Though The Exact Origin of Celebrating Valentine’s Day is a matter of discussion but the important point about this day is always the same. Yes, it is the Love what matters for Valentine’s Day. Today people think love as for Valentine’s day only means affection between a boy and a girl as BF/ GF. But the true feel of Love specially on considering Valentine’s day celebration, it is all about trust and faith in one another. Not only for Boyfriends or girlfriends but also to show love to your family and friends.  In this collection we have concluded all possible way to send a beautiful Happy Valentine’s Day Messages for BF/GF. You can also have a look on Valentines Day Images along with Valentines Day Wishes.

Happy Valentines Day Messages for Boyfriend

It is true that messages are very important to express our feelings specially for Valentine’s Day. Messages are the words that explain our thought and feelings in short. We need not to explain everything in details. Only some simple words like “Love You” is enough to say what you feel about your loved ones. Considering Valentine’s messages for Boyfriends, it is important to note that most of us are very selective in choosing messages. Some of us likes simple messages where some like poetic message and other like fresh rhyming sentences as valentine’s day messages. So first short what you feel and how you want to express it to your loved one. Sometimes only a Happy Valentine’s Day wish is best and for others a message with a lol type joke is good choice.Valentines Day Greetings for Boyfriend


Happy Valentines Day messages for Girlfriend

Happy Valentines Day 2016 Love Messages, Wishes
Happy Valentines Day 2016 Love Messages, Wishes are really high in demand among the youngster and to make it easy for you all, we have personally picked some of the best Valentines Day Messages along with Valentines Day Wishes for Boyfriend and Girlfriend and we hope you will definitely gonna find something from our collection of beautiful Love Greetings. By the way you can also have a look on some of the most amazing Valentines Day Pictures along with Valentines Day Quotes. So, guys, this post will  provide you with some of the coolest Love Messages for your special one and this is the perfect occasion for you to share your feelings with them and tell them how much you actually love them.
Happy Valentines Day Messages
Well, as you can see, these messages are specially for expressing your feeling and you can use them to express yours on the occasion of Valentines Day 2016, which is almost here and we recommend you to visit us at Valentines Day Images and Valentines Day Quotes for many more interesting stuff related to the season of Love.
Hi dear,
I love u so much.
I cant live without u.
I need u in my life.
Everyday I want to see ur eyes.
Hold ur hands n walk with u.
Every night I want sleep on ur chest.
Wanna make love with u.
Wanna b a good mother to ur kids.
Wanna b a good wife to u.
I want ur love forever.
Then one day i will die on ur lab.
But my love will never die for u.
When I look at you,
I cannot deny there is God,
Cause only God could have created some one
As Gorgeous as you
A special feeling in my heart,
You make me feel so good,
Having a friend like you
I feel so blessed,
Touch wood,
Happy Valentine’s Day!
So, here we conclude this amazing collection of Happy Valentines Day 2016 Love Messages, Wishes, make sure you share this with your friends on Facebook and have a fantastic Weekend with your Loves ones.

Selecting a Valentine’s Day message for your girlfriend is really a tough job. It is well know that making a girl happy with you simple messages is like winning a battle with a single soldier. No No don’t take me wrong, I actually quote this because Girls are very delicate and anything to express your thoughts for them is not enough. So Important part in deciding what to choose as a valentine’s day message for your girlfriend is what you know about her is not enough. First try to find what she don’t like this gives you the idea about how much you can be casual in writing a message for her. One big mistake most boys do is we forward the valentine’s day message to our girlfriend that others send to us without even reading and understanding it thoroughly.


The Best message is what we create by keeping the beauty of her in our mind and composes the best thoughts in simple words. One more thing that we must keep in mind that writing simple messages like ‘I Love You’ or Happy Valentines Day for your Girlfriend is not enough, Best practice is to explain your feeling in a poetic way.  You can use a Beautiful Romantic Poem along with a Picture or red rose and combine all these in a simple message and send it to your GF.Valentines Day Quotes for Girlfriend

Best Hindi Shayri Of Valentine’s Day 2019

Best Hindi Shayri Of Valentine’s Day 2019

Valentine Day is celebrated every year all around the world for their lovers to express their feelings and love towards their partners , bf , gf and their crushes.The best way to do so is by sending Romantic Shayari and Poems on Valentines Day 2019 to your beloved life partner.I have selected some of the best ones for you and all you need to do is copy it and send it , that’s it.

Top valentines day shayari 2019 hindi

“Ch@le Gayee Hoo Duur Kuch aur Palon Ke Liiye,

lekin Kariib Haii Har Pal Ke Liiye hum dono,

Kisiko Bhulayengee Aapkoo eek Pal K Liyee janeman,

Jab Ho Chuka Hai Pyaar aapse umaar bharr ke liiye.”

“Kitna bhi chaho, kabhi na bhol paoge hume

Humse se jitna bhi dur jaoge hume utna nazdik paogee

Hum ko mila saktee ho too mila doo

Yaadein meri, magar mita nahi paoge dil se…

sapno se juda nahi kar paoge”

“Tujhko Jab se Chaaha apne Dil Se chaha hai,

lekin Lagtaa Nahii hai ki Aaj Kah Paungaa tumhe,

Yaadein Jo Daastan Ban Gayii Hain,

Izhaar Karkear Mere Nasiiib Koo Aazzmaungaa mai”

“Haaal dil ka kuch aisa hai ki apnaa,
lagta hai jaise koi sapnaa,
tha mai tanhaa iss raah mein,
ab koii ban gaya hai apnaa sathi.
Happy valentine day 2019.”

Happy Valentine’s Day 2019 friends in advanced , I know you are also doing planning of “Valentines Day 2019“. So I have also very “Special Hindi Shayri of Valentines Day 2019” for you so friends please come here and take some unique Hindi Shayri and “Hindi msg of Valentine’s Day 2019“.and you know in my previous post I done shared with you “10 Happy Valentine’s Day Sms Wishes || Best Sms Wishes of 2019 Love Day “ special Valentine’s Day 2019 English Msg” for you and you enjoy with their messages if you want more than sms, wishes, quotes of Valentines Day 2019 for your life partner then go to my website “” and take Some Special Messages for you. Now we have below some Hindi shayri for you.

happy valentines Day hindi shayri 2019

Some Special Hindi Sms & Hindi Shayri of Valentine’s Day 2019–   

* Jab se dekha hai teri aankhon mein jhank kar
   koi bhi aaina acha nahin lagta
   teri mohabbat mein aise hue hai deewane
   tumhe koi aur dekhe toh acha nahin lagta ..
  “Happy valentines day 2019

* tera sath hai to mujhe kya kmi hai,

   teri her muskaan se mili mujhe kushi hai,

   muskuraate rahna isi trh humesha,

   kyo ki teri is muskaan me meri jaan bsi hai.

   “Happy Valentine’s Day Hindi Shayri”

* Dil Ki Baat Chhupana Aata Nhi,

   Kisi Ka Dil Dukhana Aata Nhi,

   Aap Sochte He Hum Bhul Gaye Apko,

   Par Kuchh Achhe Dosto Ko Bhulana Humko Aata Nahi

   “Happy Valentine’s Day Hindi Sms”

* Bhula Ke Mujhko Agar Tum Bhi Ho Salamat

  To Bhula Ke Tujhko, Sambhalna Mujhe Bhi Aata Hai

  Nahi Hai Meri Fitrat Mein Ye Aadat Warna

  Teri Tarah Badalna Mujhe Bhi Aata Hai.

 “Happy valentines day 2019

Top 5 Valentine Day Shayari 2019

These are the top 5 selected shayari and have been rated the best in the previous years and i hope it will help you in impressing your partner on this Valentine Day 2019.
  • Khwaabon mein jab tum aate ho to TUM,yaadoon mein bhi aate ho bas TUM,jahan bhi mein jau,wahan meai dekhu bas mujhko nazar aatee hoo bas TUM aur tum…I think i am in luv with you..Happy valentine day 2019.
  • Mohabatein Main Jo bhi Gham Aaye Hans kar use Seh Lena aur agar Kabhi bhi koi Bhi Giila Sikwa Hoo to Khuul Kar Tu mujhe Keh Dena mai Tumhare Se Kabhii Bhii Juuda Nahi Hounga Magar Kabhi Bhi Yeeh Matt Kehnaa ki Mere Bina Hii Ji Logi tum. Happy Valentines Day 2019
  • Humei tumhare sath chalna hai tu chahe chale na chale,Tere har dard kokhushi khushi sahenge tu kchahe ya na chahe,Hum bhi chahtein hai ki tu hamesha khush rahe,Hum chahee zinda rahe ya naa rahe.Happy Valentine Day 2019
  • mere heart mei Dhadhkan @ur Ankhoon Mei Ansooon ruk Jaaate Hain, Jab Kabhi Hum Apkee Iss Ashiyane Mei Ateey Hain, Thaaam To Lete Hai Palko ki sajawat Do pal, Par In Ansuoo Ka Kya Kare Jo Pal pal Mei Bikhar kar toot  Jate hai. Happy Valentines Day 2019
  • Kabhi kisi Ajnaabee Sei hum Milay Thei, Fir Yu hin Milteey Chale Gayee, Hum To Aapko apna Dosti Banane wale Thei par Aaap To Hamari dil ki dhadkan hi ban gye.Happy Valentine Day 2019.
Hindi Shayri of Valentines day 2019

Valentine day 2019 shayari in english

“out Of all the other thiings that I have ever said,

out Of all the tears I have always sheed,out Of all the other things I diid 2 u,I want u 2 knw thaat I stiill luv u.out Off alll the days we fighted and cried all dayout Off alll the dayss I wisheed I had died,out Off alll the things u did 2 pull mee through,I do not blve it, but I still luv u.”

I luv u with all mah love
Right frm the vry staart

Our luv grows strong and strong every dayWith every thing u do n tellHappy Valentines Day 2019

 * Na Chaaho itna Hame Chahoton se dar Lagta hai,

    Na Aao itna Kareeb Judai se Dar lagta hai,

    Tumhari Wafaon pe Bharosa hai, 

    Magar Apne Nasseb se dar Lagta hai.

   “Happy Valentine’s Day Hindi Sms” 

* Ishq tujhse karta hoon

   main zindagi se zyada

   Main darta nahi maut se

   teri judaii se zyada

   Chahe to aazmale mujhe

   kisi aur se zyada

   Meri zindagi me kuch nahi

   teri mohabbat se zyada

   “Happy valentines day 2019“*
 * Ankhon main rehne wale ko yaad nahi karte,
   dil main rehne wale se baat nahi karte,
   hamari to ruh main bas gaye ho app
   tabhi to milne ki fariyad nahi karte.

  “Happy Valentine’s Day Hindi Shayri”

* Jitna pyar hai aapse,

   Us se aur jyada pane ko jee chahta hai,

   Jaane woh kaun si khoobee hai aap me,

   Ki har rishta aap se banane ko jee chahta hai…

  “Happy Valentine’s Day Hindi Sms”

 * खुदा की रहमत में अर्जियाँ नहीं चलतीं

    दिलों के खेल में खुदगर्जियाँ नहीं चलतीं
    चल ही पड़े हैं तो ये जान लीजिए हुजुर,
    इश्क़ की राह में मनमर्जियाँ नहीं चलतीं !
 “Happy Valentine’s Day Hindi Shayri”


*  Guloo ka gulistaan teraa ho,
   Mehakta hua chaman tera ho,
   Ye dil-e-nadan to tera ho hi chuka,
   Ab khushiyo ka har Jahan tera ho.
    “Happy valentines day 2019

Valentine Day 2019 download shayari

Ch@le Gayee Hoo Duur Kuch aur Palon Ke Liiye,lekin Kariib Haii Har Pal Ke Liiye hum dono,
Kisiko Bhulayengee Aapkoo eek Pal K Liyee janeman,
Jab Ho Chuka Hai Pyaar aapse umaar bharr ke liiye.

Kabhi kisi Ajnaabee Sei hum Milay Thei, Fir Yu hin Milteey Chale Gayee, Hum To Aapko apna Dosti Banane wale Thei par Aaap To Hamari dil ki dhadkan hi ban gye.Happy Valentine Day 2019.

23+ Happy 150th Gandhi Jayanti 2019 Wishes in Punjabi, Kannada, Malayalam

23+ Happy Gandhi Jayanti 2016 Wishes in Punjabi, Kannada, Malayalam – There are many quotes available on Gandhiji on different websites, blogs and facebook pages. People browse for these quotes a lot during Gandhi Jayanti. So there is a lot of information available on these blogs. You can download the quotes of your choice from this blog. These quotes are available for free download.

Even if you are a minority of one, the truth is the truth…Happy Gandhi Jayanti!
In this Great Day I will wish you Happy Gandhi Jayanti..
Always Choose Right Path and Speak Truth Happy Gandhi Jayanti..
Wishing you a Very Happy Gandhi Jayanti.Follow the Mahatma Gandhi footsteps and
Spread peace not hatred.

Happy Gandhi Jayanti Wishes in Punjabi

Gandhi Jayanti Punjabi Wishes – There are a lot of messages available for free download. These messages are available in different languages such as Punjabi, Kannada, Malayalam and other regional languages . People such many messages to their friends and their neighbours on festive occasions. They also share some inspirational quotes and slogans which are available on many blogs and facebook pages.

Gandhi Jayanti Punjabi Wishes

A man is but the product of his thoughts what he thinks, he becomes.
Prayer is the call of modesty, self-purification, and self-observation is called for.
God is not in the Kaaba and in Kashi, he is so rife in every home, present in every heart.

A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter

You can chain me,,,
you can torture me,,,
you can even destroy this body,,,
but you will never imprison my mind,,,
$Happy Gandhi Jayanti$

Gandhi Jayanti Wishes in Punjabi

Happy Gandhi Jayanti Wishes in Punjabi

Happy Gandhi Jayanti Wishes in Kannada

Gandhi Jayanti Kannada WishesThere are many good quotes available on Gandhi Jayanti in Kannada. There are a lot of people who want the quotes in Kannada as it is their native language. So there are lot of websites and blogs which specially post these quotes in Kannada. So you can download these quotes from these sources.

Gandhi Jayanti Kannada Wishes

Happy Gandhi Jayanti Wishes in Kannada

You must not lose faith in Humanity…
Humanity is an ocean…
if a few drops of the ocean are dirty…
the ocean does not become dirty…

Aaj Ek Solid Bande Ka Janamdin Hai!!
Bole Toh Apna Gandhi Bapu!!
Mast Yaad Karne Ka Aur Karane Ka!!
Is Message Ko Forward Karne Ka, Kya Mamu!!

A man who was completely innocent,,,
offered himself as a sacrifice for the good of others,,,
including his enemies, and became the ransom of the world.,,
It was a perfect act.
Happy Gandhi Jayanti…..,,
I know, to banish anger altogether from one’s breast is a difficult task.,,
It cannot be achieved through pure personal effort.,,
It can be done only by God’s grace.,,
!Happy Gandhi Jayanti!
Its day of celebrations..
Its day to value a special person..
Person who is the cause of our nation..
Who taught world the lesson of non-violence..
Its Mahatma Gandhi..The Father of Nation!
!Happy Gandhi Jayanti!

Gandhi Jayanti Wishes in Kannada

Happy Gandhi Jayanti Wishes in Kannada

Happy 150th Gandhi Jayanti 2019 Wishes in Malayalam

Gandhi Jayanti Malayalam Wishes – Gandhi Jayanti has also been declared as the International Day of Non-Violence by the United Nations General Assembly on 15th June 2007.Schools and Government offices remain closed on this day across the country. A tribute is given at Raj Ghat, memorial in New Delhi by the government officials.

Gandhi Jayanti Malayalam Wishes

Happy Gandhi 150th Jayanti 2019 Wishes in Malayalam

Just want to wish for peace,
Humanity, love and happiness
For the world on this Gandhi Jayanti
Happy Gandhi Jayanti!!
Jisaki Socha ne kar
diya kamal desh ka
badal gaya surate hal
sabne boli satya aur
ahinsa ki boli
har gali me jali videshi
vastuon ki holi
Gandhi Jayanti Mubarak

Gandhi Jayanti Wishes in Malayalam

Happy Gandhi Jayanti 2019 Wishes in Malayalam

Ishwar alla tero naam
sab ko sanmati de bhagwan
In remembrance of the Mahatma
Happy Gandhi Jayanti…

Satya ahinsha ki andhi hai,
Chalta Seena Tane ,
Bura Na Mano Gandhi Hai
Happy Gandhi Jayanti!!!
May the spirit of truth and non-violence
be with us in this Gandhi Jayanti

Happy Rose Day 2019 SMS, Message:

Happy Rose day 2019 :  On this lovely occasion of Rose Day 2015 we have gathered the garland of beautiful Rose day SMS, Messages and SMS for someone like you. Forward it your friends and let them bloom like a Rose. Have a lovely Rose Day 2019 to all visitors.

Happy Rose Day 2019 SMS, Message:

A day to express and share your heartfelt feeling towards your valentine. Smell the fragrance of Roses as love is in the air and flowers are a token of love. A day to greet your loved ones, family and friends and celebrated by giving away gifts and greetings. Roses, can express your inner most heart feelings to that special someone. Whether it s a bunch of roses or a single rose, you can definitely make someone smile. It does no t matter, Roses, be it of any color and type, it can cheer up or bump up your mood in any though situations. Its delicate petals gripping together, dazzling colors are just perfect for positive environment.
Happy Rose day 2015 - Rose day SMS
With this rose, I reveal all my; thoughts and feelings about you; that I have withheld for so long. I feel when I am with you I am like a rose; not because of it s beauty,but because I am able to bloom and grow with you…Happy Rose Day 2015.

2015 Rose Day SMS, Message

Every bird cannot dance. But peacock do it.
Every friend can not reach my heart.
But you did it.Every Flower can not express love.
But Rose do it. Happy Rose Day 2015
Don t find love, let love find you.
That s why it s called falling in love,
Because you don t force yourself to fall,
you just fall. Happy Rose Day 2019.
Can You Imagine The World Without Roses?
It Won t Be The Same. Because An Important Part Of Its Beauty Will Be Lacking.
That Is What My Life Would Be Without You. Happy Rose Day 2019
Roses welcome the Love when it foremost sent to earth.
A soft and tender Rose for you showing my love is really true in my life you are a special part.
I send this rose from the bottom of my heart.
Wishing you Happy Rose Day 2019.
Bunch of roses I am sending you,Yellow to show our happiness,
White to show our purity, Black to show our darkest secrets,
And red to show our love,Happy Rose Day 2019
Red means I Love You I Give U 100 Rose Each Day.
To Express My Love For You “I Love You”. Happy rose Day 2019
Any 1 can love a Rose. But no 1 will love a leaf that. made the Rose. Don t love someone who is beautiful but love the one who can make your life beautiful. Happy Rose Day 2019.

Valentines day ideas for him her | valentines day ideas | valentine’s day gifts | valentine’s day recipes | valentine’s day decor | much more this valentines day

Send Love SMS Messages To Your Loved Ones On This Valentine’s Day

Valentine Day ideas for him Valentine Day Ideas for Her

Candies, flowers and gifts are Exchanged between loved ones On Every Valentine’s day. Why do we celebrate this Valentine’s day, it is still a mystery. Purpose it is always in our mind That February is a month of Romance. How to celebrate this lovely day and with Whom, is always a matter of Every young boy or a girl. Noway a days we prefer to show our emotions by sending sms messages. In Every country we have valentine’s day, There Is exchange of millions of love sms messages on this romance day. I have Collected Some beautiful cute love and romantic sms messages here. You May just copy and send cool Valentine’s sms messages to your beloved ones on this these romance day.

Also:proposal ideas for your girlfriend

Without Love. – Dayz are Sad day moan day tears day waste day thirst day fright day shatter day … so Be In Love everyday … Wish ua Happy Valentine’s Day
May Days weekend, night May fall, goal i will be there for you till we won’t see Each Other at all. May sun rise, moon May fall, but i think my life Would Never Be nice if this i never Knew you at all.
All i ever wanted Was some1 to care for me. all i ever wanted Was someone Who Would be there for me.all i ever wanted Was someone Who Would Be true.all i ever wanted Was someone like you
Loving is not how you forget how you forgive goal, not how you listen purpose You Understand how, not what you see goal how you feel, and not how you let go goal how you hold on.
Every Hour I think of you
Every Minute I think of you
Every Second I think of you
I live for you and I die for you
It’s not for days, It’s not for weeks
It’s not for months or years, It’s for ever.
Love is what I see in, your smile Every Day.
Love is what I feel in, touch you give Every. 
Love is what I hear in, every word you say.
Love is what we share, Every Day we live.
Seasons Will Change
Colours Will Fade
Purpose …. One Thing That Will Never Change …
The way that I Feel about you ..
And …. One Thing That Will Never Fade That is My LOVE 4 you …..

valentine’s day ideas for celebration 

To be honest with you, I do not-have the words to make you feel better, aim I do-have the arms to give you a hug, ears to listen to whatever you want to talk about, and I have a heart; That Is a heart aching to see you smile again.

The way you look into my eyes, It scares me
The way you say “I love you”, It scares me
The way you know just what to say, It scares me
The Ways you scare me, I love it
I have seen angels in the sky
I have seen snowfall in july,
I have seen things you only imagine to see
Purpose I have not seen anything sweeter than you.
your love is like a river peaceful and deep
your soul is like a secret That I Could never keep
When I look Into your eyes I know its true
You Were made for me and I for you
Here is my heart, it is yours so take it
Treat it gently, please do not break it.
Its full of love thats good and true,
So please keep it always close to u.
I Promised you once, I promise you twice, this love That I Will Never end feel so deep inside, I loved you yesterday and today and Even More i never want this feeling to go away, baby you are my Everything, my Angel from above, you feel my life with so much love.

If you-have a boy friend or a girl friend and you-have a mobile, do not wait, just write these lovely romantic sms messages on your mobile phone and send to your loved ones. If he or she really loves you, You Will get a reply with more romantic sms message. Exchange thesis love sms on this Valentines day.

valentine’s day ideas for home decor